If rape cost colleges much of their endowment?

My question is whether campus rape would end if Title IX awards began to approach the level of university endowments? Former Fresno State women’s basketball coach Stacy Johnson-Klein was awarded $19M in a Title IX dispute. But this for her dismissal. The endowment at Fresno State is $146.3M. So the Title IX award is roughly 13% of the endowment. That’s a pretty good chunk of change.

Yet, I wonder if the awards were higher on rape cases if there would be more incentive to prevent on-campus rape. Following is a table taken from a Washington Post article that represents the top 10 colleges with the most rapes per 1000 students. I’ve added a column for their endowments.


In doing a google search of “how many rape suits against colleges” I disappointedly found more news about the accused filing suits than I did the victims. I’m curious if it is indeed the case that more lawsuits are filed against colleges by the accused than the victims. If you know where I can find this information please let me know.

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