Healthy Relationships

sunflowerFound this website with great suggestions on how to grow and maintain healthy relationships. Some of the suggestions I’ve found especially helpful in my relationships are:

  • speak up when something is bothering you, it’s better to get it out than hold it in
  • offer reassurance and encouragement to your partner
  • setting boundaries which are about what you won’t do, not what you don’t want the other person to do
  • boost your relationship with a fun activity and talk about why you want to be in a relationship
  • respect each other’s privacy

Setting boundaries was huge for me. Especially when I realized that I was setting boundaries about what I would not do in a relationship. Activities like party all night and then drive home, bad mouth others, stay in the room and fight when the other person was being unreasonable or abusive. Once I stopped trying to change the behavior of the other person and just focused on changing my behavior in certain situations life became so much easier.

As for respecting each other’s privacy having a close-mouthed friend to whom you can confess your innermost fears without fear is priceless.

The other thing I like about this article is that it talks about what unhealthy relationships and even provides a quiz to help determine whether you are in one or not. Great stuff. Check it out.



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