Further Reading on Prevention

img_1930I haven’t posted here for awhile, but I haven’t been away from the cause. Here are some of the things I’ve been reading and sharing on my Twitter feed.

17 Police departments in Kansas City start by believing. Now that we believe let’s increase awareness of the behaviors that lead to assault and intervene early.

Need help with anger? Start here.

Self care for survivors. Tips for survivors on consuming media.

Porn kills love. Some men don’t watch porn.

Five myths about rape.

How to talk to your son about his body.

Father’s add your voice to those shouting to end sexual violence.

Open the conversation with your kids about consent and dating violence.

How to talk to kids who witness violence.

If you think that we’re doing a good job of educating our boys/men on how to treat girls/women read the letter the Stanford victim read to her attacker.

The answer to high caseloads: hiring more workers or educating the public so intervention can begin earlier?

Tulsa baby’s death in dirty shed spurs DHS to discipline employees, review two years of child abuse, neglect deaths.

Being proactive rather than reactive.

Men and Intimacy.

How toxic masculinity feeds rape culture.

When you seek to understand your child, you communicate the message: “Your opinion matters.” Very powerful stuff.

If you’re in New York on September 23 come see my performance at United Solo.


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