Idea for the Script

I first became interested in this subject at the Peak Film Forum in Colorado Springs. I received an invitation to a screening of films produced by local Colorado filmmakers. One of the films was about a serial killer.  In the film we never saw the killer’s face. We saw his boots. We saw him from a distance driving through the woods in his truck. We saw him crafting instruments in his shop but never his face. We saw a young woman running through the woods in fear, looking back at someone. She stumbles, falls then screams as she looks up. Then we see the serial killer filling in a grave. I leaned over to my girlfriend, Kris, and asked, “wouldn’t it be interesting if it wasn’t the serial killer that was being chased but a vigilante chasing the serial killer?” On the way back from the screening I worked out the early story line for We Call Them Unredeemable.

The original story was about a duo of therapists who go rogue because they are dissatisfied with rehabilitation rates for sex offenders. They abduct a sex offender and forcibly rehabilitate him using a version of scream therapy but when one of them brings a little Clockwork Orange into the mix all hell breaks loose. Early versions of the script were read and worked at Vocatus Productions and the Fade In club at Colorado Film School. After several revisions I finally had a script that I thought was pretty good. I ran it by a friend to see what he thought, Steve Mckissen. He said “let’s shoot it.” So I started looking for a director. After a number of interviews we decided on Greg Nemer. Aside from Steve’s recommendation I think his degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University clinched it. Then began the process of pre-production. Auditions were great fun. We had over one hundred try out and it was a really difficult decision but finally decided on Jason Coviello,  Kathy TrageserSarah Kay JollyBrian Landis Folkins and Tiffany Briels. Here’s the trailer of what we shot.

Jim Sea holds a Masters in Divinity, a Masters in Social Work, was a registered investment advisor and residential realtor.

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